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Friday, July 13, 2012

Upcycling of a Hutch and Buffet

I love being creative and have more time than money, so upcycling furniture has become a favorite pastime. I have been wanting to share these on my blog and am now going to try this for the first time. I consider myself a "Baby Blogger" so am still learning. Helpful tips on blogging and posting are welcome! I will start by saying that our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a favorite haunt. I have found several furniture pieces at great prices there. This was sitting in two pieces at the store, with no glass and no shelves visible. It was $125 for both pieces. I left and went to the local hardware store and found out the cost of getting glass cut for shelves and the 5 window spaces. It would be about $90. I consulted with DH and he agreed it was still cheaper than anything new. So, I went back to ReStore and paid for the piece, promising to pick it up later that day. DH patiently agreed to meet at the local U-Haul so we could rent a truck for the move. Did you know that a local move is $19.95 plus mileage? Convenient and not too costly and way safer than strapping it to the roof rack like we did a book case once...but that is another story. The cool thing was that when we got to ReStore they told us the man who had brought in the hutch and buffet had dropped off the glass for the doors, sides and shelves that very afternoon! No need to head to the hardware store! $$$ saved! Bless that donor! (They even carefully packed every glass piece in cardboard and wrapped and taped in a blue blanket. Not a chip or crack was found in any piece.) We were soon loaded up and headed home where they garage waited to receive it's new project.

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