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Friday, July 13, 2012

Recycle of Hutch and Buffet - continued

You can see the antique brass hardware and the carved country-style flowers in the doors.
This is the buffet piece ready to spray paint black. I removed handles, but didn't removed the doors completely because I wanted the hinges to be black. Note that the top is covered with white paper from a roll I got from a printer. The top will be stained.

Here is a picture of the newly stained top and the flowers on the doors filled in with wood putty. I would be more patient with that now. Fill a bit. Let dry. Fill more. Let dry. Fill more. Let dry. Sand between each and gradually feather the wood putty out. I can still see where the flowers were if I look very closely at the doors.

Here is the spray painted hutch. Next, I lightly sanded the edges to age it. Finally, I rubbed stain over the whole thing to age the entire piece. I used the same stain from the top of the buffet.

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