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Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished Hutch and Buffet!

Finished! Sorry I didn't include many close-ups.  After completing the hutch part, I realized that mirrors on the back would add light and sparkle to the piece and the room. I searched online and made a few phone calls and had 3 mirrors cut for the back sections of the buffet. Warning! Be sure to allow for clearance of the electrical cord if you measure for a mirror. I ended up having to "push" to get the top mirror section in place and got an ugly CRACK along the top left. Luckily, I had some 12 x 12 mirror tiles downstairs and glued that over the crack. No one can see the problem, but I still know it is there. :(

The light hits this a bit funny in this picture, but you can see a bit of the aging caused by the rubbed stain. The above picture is more true-to-life, but this helps you see the finished top. See the blonde chairs in the background? They are next on the list. Black. Think all black.

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