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Friday, March 9, 2012

Asking for help

January is a big testing time in kindergarten. The challenge is finding time to work with every student, one-on-one, to determine their knowledge of every letter and sound, number, color, etc. I finally decided to let parents know about this challenge and invite parents to come in to assist anytime during the two critical weeks. I was so worried parents would see me as an incapable teacher who needed their help. What I found was a host of generous parents who were happy to be welcomed and invited in to the classroom. They were glad to have a chance to give of their time and learn more about their child's day. Many, many parents thanked me for the invitation and gave compliments and kudos to me on managing these little people every day. It was truly and win-win situation. My willingness to ask for assistance allowed parents an opportunity to give and me a chance to practice receiving. I encourage all teachers to open their classroom doors to benefit themselves, their students and the families!

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